View across Lynn Canal from Lincoln Island to the Chilkat Range. Southeast Alaska. Photo: Kate Trol.

View across Lynn Canal from Lincoln Island to the Chilkat Range in Southeast Alaska. Photo by Kate Troll.

Although written for entertainment first and foremost, Kate’s screenplays contain themes intended to raise public consciousness about climate change and ocean acidification.

Deadliest Cause (adventure drama)

An aspiring environmental hero reluctantly ends up working on a Bering Sea crabber. Ever-purpose driven, he runs afoul of the skipper, an ardent climate change denier. Heading into rough waters he suspects the cranky skipper is the biological father he’s never known.
Deadliest Cause is represented by producer Max Freedman.

Hot Ice, Cold Lies (political drama)

Amidst missing ice cores and a rapidly melting Arctic, an Alaskan economist ends up in the cross-hairs of Big Oil. Her work in Alaska feeds into an investigation of corporate deceit and fraud concerning the science of climate change. Danger pursues.   Coming to her rescue is her ex, whose work on geo-engineering profoundly complicates her mission.

Hot Ice is represented by producer Max Freedman, who says, “Not since The China Syndrome has a story come along that is so perfectly timed for its moment in history.”