Newspaper Columns

Kate is a columnist for the Alaska Dispatch News

Kate’s columns appear every two weeks in the Alaska Dispatch News, Alaska’s statewide newspaper published daily in print and online. She was a columnist for the Juneau Empire  from 2010-2016.

6/15/2017 Alaska needs to join movement to honor non-binding terms of Paris pact

5/31/2017 Pebble rises with Pruitt and leashed EPA

5/17/2017 To Sen. Lisa Murkowski, from 14 Alaskans: Stand for the Republic

5/3/2017 Good words: Make America kind again

4/19/2017 Science is a Force for Good–Walk with Us

3/25/2017 Senate Majority Lays Fiscal Burden on Most Needy Alaskans

3/8/2017 Could be Time for Alaska to Make the Leap

2/22/2017 Massive Cuts Will Kill Alaska Jobs

2/2/2017 Challenge is to Make America Think Again

1/12/2017  Sound Economy and Sound Environment is Not a Contradiction

Love of Place

Douglas boat harbor. Downtown Juneau in background beneath Mt. Juneau

Douglas boat harbor. Downtown Juneau in background beneath Mt. Juneau

Through Kate’s eyes, Juneau is a unique community where people strive to match in kindness of spirit, the natural beauty which surrounds them. Here are two columns celebrating Kate’s home and Alaska’s capital city:

1. Celebrating – This column celebrates all the volunteers that make the community of Juneau tick.

2. Here is Kate’s attempt to capture Juneau’s Poetry of Place.


The Big Picture

Kate Troll hiking on Mt. Juneau

Kate Troll hiking on Mt. Juneau

Kate on top of Mt. Juneau

Like Kate standing above the fog, her political columns aim to rise above divisive rhetoric. Many of her readers believe that regardless of the topic, Kate finds a way to elevate the discussion.

Here are two favorites: Oil taxes are always a hot topic in Alaska politics: Palin gets this one right: Repeal SB 21

Here Kate addresses Alaska’s Fiscal Gap: With political will, Alaska can solve its revenue problem