Kate’s Career

I’ve had a multi-dimensional career path starting in coastal management and ending with climate and energy. For five and half years, I served as Executive Director of Southeast Alaska Seiners, a fishing trade group. This position led to becoming the Executive Director of United Fishermen of Alaska, representing 18,000 fishermen. I went on to work for the State of Alaska as a fisheries development specialist for the Department of Commerce and Economic Development and as a policy analyst for the Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game. As the Regional Fisheries Director for North and South America of the Marine Stewardship Council, I promoted sustainable fishing practices from Newfoundland to Argentina. Although the job was challenging and fun, I got homesick for Alaska. Upon my return, I switched gears again and took a position squarely in conservation… no more fish hat…just a straight up green hat as the Executive Director of Alaska Conservation Alliance and Conservation Voters.

Career Highlights
• Wrote the Haines coastal management plan, the first plan ever approved in Alaska.
• Established Alaska’s first rural coastal management district, covering Bristol Bay, home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world.
• Played a key grassroots role in banning High Seas Driftnets from the North Pacific.
• Represented the United Fishermen of Alaska in establishing stream protection measures (riparian buffers) in national legislation – the Tongass Timber Reform Act – and in state legislation – State Forest Practices Act.
• Secured Alaska salmon as the test case for launching the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) eco-label on a global scale.
• Secured State of Alaska leadership on seabird avoidance measures for longline fishing vessels in the North Pacific.
• Assisted 14 fisheries (ranging from Newfoundland to Argentina) through the scientific assessment process for possible sustainable certification by the Marine Stewardship Council.
• As Executive Director of the Alaska Conservation Association, helped draft the creation of the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund, including an appropriation of $250 million to the fund. Lobbied for the legislative establishment of the Sustainable Energy Act – a comprehensive act setting policy and a roadmap to generate 50% of Alaska’s electrical energy from renewable energy sources by 2025.